Watch the New Tron: Legacy Trailer with Daft Punk's Score Attached

Watch the New <i>Tron: Legacy</i> Trailer with Daft Punk's Score Attached
All right, nerds, try to hold your excitement. A new Tron: Legacy trailer has hit the Web, and you know what that means: new snippets of Daft Punk's score. Or at least we hope.

The new trailer, which premiered today at Comic-Con in San Diego, comes featuring some mighty dark orchestral arrangements, complete with bad-ass electronics filter in and out. There's no word on if the music in the trailer is that of Daft Punk's, but even if it's not, we're suddenly all that more pumped for Tron: Legacy.

The film is due in theatres on December 17 - in three different kinds of 3-D apparently - and Daft Punk's soundtrack may be heading our way on November 23.

Thanks to The Playlist for the heads-up.