Watch Josh Reichmann / DOPES, Little Girls, the Pack A.D. and More in Our Exclaim! TV Roundup

Watch Josh Reichmann / DOPES, Little Girls, the Pack A.D. and More in Our Exclaim! TV Roundup
For many, the holiday season is a time for relaxation, but Exclaim! TV has kept busy as usual, and we've got another batch of videos to round out 2011.

First up, Toronto songwriter Josh Reichmann brought his latest band, DOPES, to a rooftop just outside of downtown and invited Exclaim! TV crew to join him. Wearing a big jacket and performing a few dance moves to keep out the cold, Reichmann and co. treated us to the echo-laden "Wildly Waiting".

On that same rooftop, Reichmann's Hand Drawn Dracula label-mates Little Girls played the song "White Night" from their recent EP Cults. Sounding as dark and murky as ever, this energetic performance is fiery despite the chilly temperatures.

Just as pulse-racing (but less cold) are Vancouver garage rockers the Pack A.D., who tore through the blazing "8" from their recent Unpersons LP. While many of their past works have delved into the blues, this one -- performed outside at the Exclaim! offices -- is a straight-up punk scorcher.

While the Pack A.D. may be venturing away from the blues, Bradleyboy Mac Arthur definitely isn't. Listen to the bluesy, unreleased cut "Overpass" and watch the impressively-mustachioed one-man band give us a suitcase-stompin' performance. He also tore through the raw and rocking "Locomotive Dream" from his album Salt Gun.

We've also got a slightly older performance for you courtesy of the Paint Movement, who previously appeared on Exclaim! TV back in the fall. At the time we didn't post the slinky and infectious "Young Lights" from their self-titled debut, so now we have.

Another gem from our archives comes courtesy of eclectic Torontonians Run with the Kittens. Here's "Better When Planned", which was recorded during the band's previous performance for Exclaim! TV at the Bloorcourt cafe Saving Gigi.

Last up is another old one, this one from Toronto local My Friend Peter, who stopped by at the end of summer to play us the strummy, folksy "Breaking Up with My Grandma".