Watain The Wild Hunt

WatainThe Wild Hunt
Uppsala, Sweden's darkest sons, black metal wraiths Watain, have opted to explore a more varied, but no less infernal sound on their fifth studio record. While their previous efforts have been heavily steeped in a traditionally filthy black metal aesthetic, with buzzing guitar tones, frantic riffing and a muscular, death metal-inspired approach to sonic violence, their latest is both more dynamic and decadent. The Wild Hunt is a more diverse, exploratory effort than their previous offerings, employing down-tempo, moodier pieces like "The Child Must Die," alongside searing, charging monsters like "Sleepless Evil." With elements of blackened folk, and even the barest brush of a darkly gothic sensibility, "They Rode On" best encapsulates the broader palette Watain are working with. The Wild Hunt is also the first record to see Watain frequently employ clean singing. While many detractors view The Wild Hunt as a softening of the infamously devilish and devoutly evil band, the record is in fact a positive and creative step forward. (Century Media)