Wastelanders Cosmic Despair

How many labels does it take to put out a drone release in the increasingly fertile sub-underground? In the case of Cosmic Despair, the sophomore solo effort from Chicago, IL's Dean Costello, the answer is four. Basses Frequences and Calls & Correspondence are responsible for the compact disc, while Space Idea has undertaken releasing vthe cassette version and Hewhocorrupts, inc. is handling digital distribution. In the modern pop universe, this would seem excessive, but in the financially non-viable world of experimental music, numerous funding sources are beneficial. Cosmic Despair encapsulates five sprawling pieces that channel primarily guitar and organ source material through a variety of effects to produce a heady cocktail of cosmic drift. The first three songs don't stray very far from traditional drone tropes, leaving the final pair of compositions to shine like gemstones scattered at the side of a dirt road. "Expanding Mental Universe" plays out with chirping organ bleats paired with a Sunn o))))-like, drone metal, one-chord riff, while "The Crossing" is a new age epic, complete with synthesized percussion. These two tracks alone are certainly worth the price of admission. (Basses Frequences/Calls & Correspondence)