Washed Out Sets Sights on Debut Full-Length

Washed Out Sets Sights on Debut Full-Length
Of all of the highly touted chillwavers to emerge in the last year, there are none who embody the lazy, beach-friendly vibe quite as fully as Washed Out (aka Ernest Greene). The Perry, GA-based songwriter released the Life of Leisure EP and the High Times tape last year, earning a sizable blog buzz with his summer-y synth pop tunes. Now, Greene has revealed that he's hard at work on his first full-length album, which he hopes to have out by the end of the year.

In a recent interview with FACT, Greene said, "I'm currently writing now, trying to get an album together, and it's been a bit of a challenge - particularly beginning writing with an album in mind. Before I was just writing songs, whereas now I'm thinking about the big picture, and where things are gonna be played, and how they're gonna relate to one another."

As for when this planned album will be out, he said, "I don't have any shows 'til mid-August, so I'll hopefully have everything done by then, which would mean the record would be out by the end of the year." Before then, he has a pair of finished songs that he hopes to release on a single, perhaps as a free download.

Greene didn't offer any indication of what the new songs sounded like, but he did explain that he had been listening to a lot of dance music, as well as '70s cosmic experimentalists Tangerine Dream.

While Greene has recently performed with Small Black and is currently in search of a new live band, don't expect this group to pop up on the new album. Greene said, "When it comes to recording, Washed Out - at this stage, anyway - is just me by myself."

To listen his most recent material, head over to the Adult Swim website to listen to Washed Out's contribution to the Kia-sponsored 8 Singles 8 Weeks. The track, "You and I" features a vocal guest spot from Chairlift singer Caroline Polachek.