Washed Out 'Paracosm' (album stream)

Washed Out'Paracosm' (album stream)
Having made a name for himself with his DIY early recordings, chillwave alumnus Washed Out went hi-fi with 2011's Within and Without, and now he's made another sonic leap with Paracosm. Ahead of the album's August 13 release through Sub Pop, it's available to stream in full at Exclaim.ca.

While Washed Out's oeuvre has previously focused on a strictly electronic palette of synths and samples, songwriter Ernest Greene reportedly used 50 instruments when recording the new LP. This resulted in a sound that's far more lush and organic than his past work.

To set the earthy mood, the album opens with chirping birds and plunking bells on "Entrance." From there, "It All Feels Right" boasts acoustic strumming, psychedelic textures and natural-sounding percussion. Some songs still rely on Greene's familiar mix of dance beats and hazy reverb, while "All I Know" stands out as his finest blend of sounds both old and new.

See Washed Out's upcoming tour schedule here. It includes stops in Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.