Warped Tour Unveils 2011 Compilation with Against Me!, Set Your Goals, Attack Attack!

Warped Tour Unveils 2011 Compilation with Against Me!, Set Your Goals, Attack Attack!
Just as sure as every board-shorted punk fan looks forward to the announcement of the Vans Warped Tour's lineup each year, music fans likewise pump themselves up for the long-running event's annual compilation. Having already announced some of the festival attractions this year, it's only fair to dish the details on the new double-disc set.

A press release explains that this year's Warped Tour '11: 2011 Tour Compilation captures "the intensity and diversity of this travelling festival with 50 tracks on two discs." That's a lot of material, but considering the fest has grown from a couple of stages to running myriad offshoot performances on miniature platforms and risers running concurrent to the main stage acts, the collection is really only scratching the surface.

A collection of hits, B-sides and rarities, the comp includes performances from big hitters like punk poppers Paramore and Against Me!, crabcore progenitors Attack Attack! and more. Clearly they couldn't fit everything onto the two already overstuffed discs, as the package includes bonus downloads from upstart Verah Falls and Winds of Plague, among others. Check out the tracklisting below.

SideOneDummy will issue the set on June 7.

Warped Tour '11: 2011 Tour Compilation

Disc 1

1. Paramore "For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic"

2. A Day To Remember "All Signs Point To Lauderdale"

3. Set Your Goals "Certain"

4. The Devil Wears Prada "Anatomy"

5. Asking Alexandria "Closure"

6. Attack Attack! "A For Andrew"

7. Big D and the Kids Table "Modern American Gypsy"

8. Vonnegutt "Bright Eyes"

9. Moving Mountains "Where Two Bodies Lie"

10. The Wonder Years "Don't Let Me Cave In"

11. Neo Geo "Can't Catch Me"

12. Hellogoodbye "Finding Something To Do"

13. Family Force 5 "Wobble"

14. Abandon All Ships "Take One Last Breath"

15. Of Mice & Men "Purified"

16. Veara "Pull Your Own Weight"

17. The Dangerous Summer "Good Things"

18. Every Avenue "Tell Me I'm A Wreck"

19. A Skylit Drive "Too Little Too Late"

20. Big Chocolate "Sound Of My Voice" (feat. Weerd Science)

21. The Dance Party "Sasha Don't Sleep"

22. Street Dogs "Punk Rock And Roll"

23. Blacklist Royals "Riverside"

24. Elway "Whispers In A Shot Glass"

25. The Copyrights "Worn Out Passport"

Disc 2

1. Against Me! "Because Of The Shame"

2. Lucero "I Don't Wanna Be The One"

3. August Burns Red "Meddler"

4. Dance Gavin Dance "Pounce Bounce"

5. Larry and His Flask "Blood Drunk"

6. River City Extension "Our New Intelligence"

7. Brothers Of Brazil "Samba Around The Clock"

8. Lionize "Your Trying To Kill Me"

9. The Aggrolites "Complicated Girl"

10. The Black Pacific "The System"

11. Sharks "It All Relates"

12. The Menzingers "Deep Sleep"

13. Go Radio "Any Other Heart"

14. There For Tomorrow "The Joyride"

15. Places and Numbers "Notes From The Dead Zone"

16. Grieves "Bloody Poetry"

17. I Set My Friends On Fire "It Comes Naturally"

18. Woe, Is Me "[&] Delinquents"

19. Miss May I "Relentless Chaos"

20. Motionless In White "Creatures"

21. The Word Alive "2012"

22. Sick Of Sarah "Autograph"

23. The Darlings "Hypnotize"

24. The Exposed "To Your Demised"

25.Continental "No Reservations"

Digital Only Exclusive Tracks

1. Winds Of Plague "California"

2. That's Outrageous! "Winning"

3. Eyes Set To Kill "The Secrets Between"

4. Verah Falls "A Family Affair"

5. The Human Abstract "Horizon To Zenith"