Warp Records Explores Lisbon's Club Scene with 'Cargaa' Comp Series

Warp Records Explores Lisbon's Club Scene with 'Cargaa' Comp Series
What do you know about Lisbon's underground club scene? If your answer to that question is "not much," then here's your chance to get better informed. On April 6, Warp Records will be releasing a EP called Cargaa 1 that consists entirely of tracks from producers in the Portuguese city.

This is the first in a series of three 12-inches highlighting Lisbon's electronic talent. An announcement from the label notes that the five-song comp includes 2014 breakout artists DJ Marfox and DJ Nigga Fox plus up-and-comers Blacksea Não Maya, DJ Ly Co-Ox and DJ Nedwyt-Fox.

As for the title, "cargaa" is apparently a popular slang term among Lisbon's electronic producers to describe their music. "Carga" means "charge" in Portuguese, while the "aa" at the end refers to AA batteries.

An announcement notes that these producers "[take] polyrhythmic inspiration from the African diaspora and welding it intuitively to mutant contemporary club music."

For a taste of this sound, DJ Nigga Fox's track "Lumi" is available to stream below. If you're suitably impressed, the EP is available to order digitally or on vinyl from Bleep.

Stay tuned for two further instalments in the Cargaa series.

Cargaa 1:

1. DJ Marfox - "Take Off"
2. DJ Nedwyt Fox - "Grandes Invejosos"
3. DJ Nigga Fox - "Lumi"
4. Blacksea Não Maya - "Afro"
5. DJ Ly-COox - "Good Wine"