Warlocks Return With New Album

Warlocks Return With New Album
Only a year after the so-so Heavy Deavy Skull Lover, drugged-out epic rockers the Warlocks are coming back with a new full-length. It's being called The Mirror Explodes and is due out May 19 on Tee Pee.

Recorded by Rod Cervera (Weezer, the Rentals), the fifth Warlocks record promises more "disorientation through a longer lens," the press release says, with the album packing a full serving of "space panoramas, distant rolling thunder drums and zombie rattlesnake shake." We're not really sure what all this fancy talk translates to on record but we're guessing rock'n'roll of some sort of psychedelic variety.

While the Warlocks recently did the whole SXSW thing, there's no word yet on a full-fledged tour in support of The Mirror Explodes, but we're sure some new tour dates are just around the corner.

Here's the tracklisting:

1. "Red Camera"
2. "The Midnight Sun"
3. "Slowly Disappearing"
4. "There Is A Formula To Your Despair"
5. "Standing Between The Lovers Of Hell"
6. "You Make Me Wait"
7. "Frequency Meltdown"
8. "Static Eyes"