Warbeast Reveal 'Destroy'

Warbeast Reveal 'Destroy'
Coming off their recent War of the Gargantuas split with Phil Anselmo, Texas thrashers Warbeast have now offered up some details on their next LP, Destroy. The group's sophomore full-length drops via Anselmo's Housecore Records on April 2.

Keeping things particularly in-house, the album was also tracked with Anselmo last spring at the former Pantera frontman's Nodferatu's Lair studio Louisiana. While a tracklisting has yet to be made available, the band said in a statement that their goal was to up the ante from their devastating 2010 debut Krush the Enemy, which was, for the record, also produced by Anselmo.

"This album is simply meaner and heavier than our first," said vocalist Bruce Corbitt. "We've managed to keep the variety we had, but we allowed ourselves more freedom to go beyond the traditional songwriting patterns. It's less predictable. We've evolved as a band, and Destroy proves it."

The Texan quintet's latest is said to be an "uncompromising and unbridled thrash assault," while Corbitt claims his lyrical attack homes in on anything from "werewolves and humans warring with aliens to national disasters." There's also a track called "Egotistical Bastards," which he noted "could be about many people I know."

While set to rep their new record, Warbeast are also currently on the hunt for a new bass player, as four-stringer Dré Karst recently revealed he had left the band.