The War on Drugs Prep Future Weather EP

The War on Drugs Prep <i>Future Weather</i> EP
It's been two years since the War on Drugs released their debut album, 2008's Wagonwheel Blues. Since then, guitarist Kurt Vile has split from the group and kick-started a successful solo career, and now the Philadelphia, PA indie rockers will release a new EP, Future Weather, via Secretly Canadian on October 26.

Although the release is being promoted as an EP, its eight songs mean that it's not much shorter than your average LP. According to the press release, "Future Weather sidesteps most every connotation associated with the EP format. There's a true coalescence and symmetry here, one of wash and drone, of momentum and tone, but also of theme. Friendship, loyalty and keeping a group of spiritual brothers together are all themes that songwriter Adam Granduciel focuses in on for Future Weather."

A blog post on the War on Drugs' website adds that fans won't have long to wait until the group's second full-length. Singer Adam Granduciel wrote, "I'm still working on full length #2 but 'future weather' is pretty thick and its got some real jammers on there so it'll definitely hold you over till the 'real' 2nd record is done. Don't Worry, we're close!! I've had a pretty specific vision for the 2nd record that i just didnt have time to properly wrap-up."

For a taste of the EP, click here to download Future Weather's wistful, Tom Petty-infused "Comin' Through."

Future Weather:

1. "Come to the City #14"

2. "Baby Missles"

3. "Comin' Through"

4. "A Pile of Tires"

5. "Comin' Around"

6. "Brothers"

7. "Missles Reprise"

8. "The History of Plastic"