War of Ages Arise & Conquer

Who likes metalcore? Wait. Who likes good metalcore? Well, here you have it. Facedown’s War of Ages may play in a genre that produces more sneers than respect in today’s heavy music scene but Arise & Conquer shouldn’t be viewed with a grimace. "All Consuming Fire” is the first of many tracks that feature a lot of bass drum-driven beats but more entertainingly, have a heap of guitar riffs that put the metal in metalcore. And when it’s time to put the core into the equation, War of Ages get right to it, with "When Faith Turns To Ashes” featuring quick hardcore drumming and plenty of muted chugs. Not to be confused with Dragonforce’s "Through The Fire and The Flames,” War of Ages’ "Through The Flames” reinforces their creativity with a floor-pounding double bass intro then transitions into a tempo shift of slowed metal riffs overtop group chants and growls. Clearly it just wouldn’t be metalcore without breakdowns, and they’re present, but they bust out a cheesy ’80s guitar solo on "Salvation,” helping to set this album apart from other similar acts. From start to finish, this album keeps a strong hold on your ear and proves that being in this genre isn’t all about being a copycat. (Facedown)