Walter TV "Puka Shell Necklace" (video)

Walter TV "Puka Shell Necklace" (video)
Walter TV, the long-running L.A.-via-Montreal-via-Vancouver weirdo indie pop band, released their excellent APPETITE LP earlier this year. Now, they've shared a video for that album's "Puka Shell Necklace."

The clip sees the band's founders Pierce McGarry and Joe McMurray partying it up with some surf moves in front of a ridiculous green screen. Years-deep into the project, band masterminds McGarry and McMurray are joined by a bunch of friends, including their occasional touring bassist Mac DeMarco (who they also collaborate with as members of his project).

A statement accompanying the video states: "When a surfing vacation with some tight bros goes horribly wrong, a hero is born. An arduous start in the ravaging surf is matched by a free-for-all with some new enemies. Who will reign supreme in this man vs man drama? Man?"

Check out the goofy, beach-themed clip below to find out.

Walter TV will release their next album Blessed via their own Water Records on October 31.