The Walkmen "Orange Sunday" / "While I Shovel The Snow" (videos)

The Walkmen 'Orange Sunday' / 'While I Shovel The Snow' (videos)
It's the end of a stressful workweek, so why not just sit back with a cup of tea and cozy up to a couple tranquil clips from the Walkmen? First up is "Orange Sunday," a newish track that didn't quite make the cut for their most recent album Lisbon.

The breezy ballad sweeps by on tender acoustic strums, some tasteful lead work and Hamilton Leithauser's intoxicating late-night croon. As for the video, it follows a deep sea diver swimming through an electric blue ocean on the hunt for some fish in some scenes, while navigating a small boat across the waves in others. It's peaceful and it's keeping us amped for the summertime.

On the opposite end of the spectrum comes the wintery clip for "While I Shovel the Snow," which finds the troupe dishing out a snow-day serenade. Paul Maroon clutches his guitar closely as he walks around in the white stuff, while Leithauser hucks a snowball into a New York City river. The clip manages to be just as soothing as its sun-soaked brother, however.

The Walkmen - "Orange Sunday" (Lisbon B-side) from stereogum on Vimeo.