Wale Announces Mixtape About Nothing Sequel

Wale Announces <i>Mixtape About Nothing</i> Sequel
Washington, DC rapper Wale did all right with his debut album, Attention: Deficit last year, but it was a mere blip in hip-hop playlists compared to the incredible strength of his career-making Mixtape About Nothing. The mix, which dropped in 2008, showcased Wale's talent with a Seinfeld-themed mix complete with slapping basses and Michael Richards's famed N-word rant. Now, the rapper has revealed that a follow-up will be coming in August.

The news comes via a YouTube video, which is streamable below. In the brief clip, Wale explains that he's been avoiding Twitter and interviews in the last little while. "The real question is what I've been doing," he says in the clip. "And the answer to that is nothing."

As he says the word "nothing," the title More About Nothing appears, along with an August 3 release date. In the meantime, Consequence of Sound has the new track "Smoke It" available for streaming here.