Waldgeflüster Meine Fesseln

WaldgeflüsterMeine Fesseln
While ostensibly a solo black metal project, the most recent release from Germany's Waldgeflüster (which translates to "forest whisperings") is filled with contributions from guest musicians. From expected additions like drums and vocals (contributed by Tobias Schuler of Der Weg einer Freiheit and Arvagr of Dagnir en Gwann) to more exotic contributions like kantele and mandolin, Meine Fesseln (which means "my shackles") is a rich, dense progression of sumptuous sonic textures.

There is a loam-like richness to the guitar tone and a brightness to the strings, especially the violin, that is almost verdant. Waldgeflüster expertly evokes the living, breathing wildness of an old growth forest, while also allowing enough space for a cold, plaintive wind to blow through in the form of the harsh, wraith-like vocals and steely electronic elements.

With so much shivering life in the instrumentation, it is the human voice, perhaps best captured on the hair-raising performance on "Wenn die Morgensonn...," that seems the most alien. While this is black metal that is much more rain-soaked and vine-choked than it is frostbitten, a cold wind still blows through the heart of Meine Fesseln. (Bindrune)