Big River SK, July 18

WagonsBig River SK, July 18
If you appear on stage in fake glasses and a sparkling gold blazer, you've pretty much struck an implicit agreement with your audience that whatever follows is going to be a rockin' affair. And that's exactly how Wagons made their presence felt Friday night on the main stage of the Ness Creek Music Festival.

Billed by festival organizers as being "unanimously lauded" in their home country for their live show, the six-piece Australian band (signed to Six Shooter here in Canada) churned out a high-energy — if somewhat variety-free — hour long set inspired by the flamboyant guitar rock of the '70s and '80s. Highlights included a pulsing Nebraska-era Bruce Springsteen tune; lowlights included a moment of awkward banter that involved questioning the legitimacy of a May-December couple in the crowd. That said, by 11 p.m. people were there to dance, and Wagons' flashy bravado gave them plenty of reasons to do just that.
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