Wade O. Brown All Night, All Love

For all his talents, it’s entirely possible that Wade O. Brown will never be the Michael Jordan of the R&B/soul game. This isn’t a diss. A veritable fixture of the Toronto R&B and soul music scene, the Detroit-born, Toronto-based Brown is that solid and dependable workhorse, someone who might not be flashy or gets top billing, but who will make his contribution felt and get the job done. With an old soul and a smooth silky voice that brings to mind Bobby Womack or Teddy P, Brown makes you want to hide the kiddies — this is grown folk’s music. The proof is in his long-awaited sophomore effort (his last showing was 2002’s Complete). And to take the basketball analogy even further, there are a few slam dunks ("Maybe”) but nothing that shatters the backboard. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. If you’re looking for sweet vocals, sensual but tasteful melodies and a sexy soundtrack for funky frolicking with your significant other, Brown’s your man. (Central Station)