Vulgar Pigeons Summary Execution

On their debut disc, Vulgar Pigeons have laid down 26 tracks in 38 minutes. Combining equal parts grindcore, raw hardcore, doom-y sludge and sloppy power violence, Vulgar Pigeons instantly bring to mind one of the best in this underground genre, the mighty Benumb. Low and behold, there is some member overlap between the two, so fans of Benumb should enjoy this while that band continues to hide away. The lyrics deal with religion, cops and other societal problems, while the music relentlessly pushes forward, dishing out great grind riff after great grind riff over one of the most reckless drum performances of the year. The sloppy production and vibe only serves to further the human factor here, making the experience that much better. Unfortunately, none of the songs give you anything to remember them by or identify with and it all becomes a blur after a while. Still, it's more about the feeling than the talent, and these guys will make you feel it, that's for sure. (Deathvomit)