Vulgar Pigeons Burning Episode

Don’t let the odd name throw you off; California’s Vulgar Pigeons specialise in some of the most violent extreme metal around. Getting right to the point, this 13-minute EP contains seven tunes that range from really short to over the three-minute mark. With one foot firmly planted in the California power violence scene, and another in a more metallic grindcore and even death metal direction, the things that set the Pigeons apart from most bands are also the things that make them sound a hell of a lot like another band: Benumb. Oddly, Pigeons vocalist Paul Ponitkoff is the brother of Benumb vocalist Pete Ponitkoff; to confuse matters further, Paul is in Benumb as well, playing guitar in that band. So while the hilariously manic vocals and near-sloppy delivery may bring Benumb to mind to an uncomfortable degree, the Pigeons are more metal than their brother band, and just as devastating. And while Benumb’s between album breaks get longer and longer as Pete serves his time in the US army, let’s be thankful we’ve got these guys to satisfy those extreme urges. Great packaging and disc art too. (Deepsend)