The VSS Prepping 'Nervous Circuits' Vinyl Reissue, Hint at Reunion Dates

The VSS Prepping 'Nervous Circuits' Vinyl Reissue, Hint at Reunion Dates
Nineties post-punks the VSS may have only issued one full-length in their brief two-year existence, 1997's Nervous Circuits, but what a record it was. Synthesizing elements of hardcore, new wave and death rock, the LP was a terse and terrifying collection that unquestionably influenced acts like the Faint, Death From Above 1979 and the original punky lineup of Hot Hot Heat. If you missed out on the record's first pressing on Honey Bear Records, or the 2008 CD reissue on Hydra Head, the VSS are about to drop a deluxe double-LP reissue through Sargent House.

A series of tweets from the VSS confirms that they'll deliver the special edition later this year, with one platter containing Nervous Circuits and the second slab of wax featuring their two seven-inches and their side of a split single with T-Tauri from 1995. The singles material was previously preserved on CD as 21:51.

A message to Exclaim! had drummer Dave Clifford admit that one more song will be featured on the reissue, but he didn't say which track. Outside of Nervous Circuits and 20:51, the band delivered the song "No Hands" and a remix of "In Miniature" on a double-seven-inch split with Rye Coalition.

While the VSS haven't played together onstage in 15 years, it looks as if the reissue might inspire some reunion dates, though nothing has been set in stone just yet. "We have zero shows arranged at the moment, just considering playing if it can work out in support of reissue," they tweeted.

Following the breakup of the VSS, Clifford, guitarist Josh Hughes and keyboardist/bassist Andrew Rothbard hooked up as Slaves, who morphed into Sub Pop act Pleasure Forever. Vocalist Sonny Kay went on to shout for darkwave act Subpoena the Past and the much punkier Year Future.

Clifford currently hits the skins with instrumental post-rockers Red Sparowes, while Hughes tears it up in noise rockers Rabbits.