VRGNS Manimals

Within the past ten or so years, the state of Florida has gained more of a reputation for its brooding punk scene than its senior citizen populace. And with the exposure of favourable native acts like Against Me!, Hot Water Music and the prospective Young Livers, it's easy to understand why so much attention is being paid to what the sunshine state has to offer. VRGNS are from the list of regional hopefuls, with their aggressive take on technical, Leatherface-inspired punk. rich in gruff vocals and tightly intricate guitar work, and rounded out by spastically pounding drums akin to the Descendents. The musical chops shine with a respectful nod to the aforementioned Huntington Beach pop punks on the riff-heavy "No Longer Entertainment," while the crunchy bass line that explodes into a melodic onslaught on "Behind Bars" is bound to make your head bang along to the relentless beat. VRGNS may be Florida's best-kept secret, but with the release of Manimals, the cat is out of the bag. (Kiss of Death)