The Voodoo Fix The Voodoo Fix

It's an overcast Sunday afternoon and the debut EP from the Voodoo Fix is exactly what I need. Born in East L.A., but with the heart of the Deep South in them, the Voodoo Fix combine the soul of the blues with the body of rock'n'roll. While they're definitely different from other East L.A. bands as of late, it's their sheer talent and passion that set them apart. "Don't Come Home" demonstrates their heavier side, with Midwestern verses and a whiskey drawl. "Walk On By" and "Save Me" pack a great deal of star power and may be the tracks that earn them the most attention, primarily because they possess a slightly early '90s rock feel. One thing is for certain: this doesn't sound like a debut. This is a band that pour their lives into their music and it shows. The licks and lyrics complement each other perfectly, with a level of musicianship normally reserved for the pros. I have a feeling this is only the beginning for the Voodoo Fix. (Independent)