Volt 9000 'Timeshift' (album stream)

Volt 9000 'Timeshift' (album stream)
Toronto-based electronic two-piece Volt 9000 are set to return with their fifth studio album next week, but before Timeshift officially arrives, Exclaim! is giving you a chance to hear it in its entirety.
The project of Cory Gorski and Andrew Dobbels, Volt 9000 draw their influences from dark electronic music like that of Snog and Skinny Puppy, as well as from their political leanings and penchant for protesting.
According to a press release, the new record sees the duo ditching the glitch chiptune and electro-industrial sounds they relied on in the past in favour of creating "a more atmospheric, cerebral album."
And while melodic strains weave their way throughout the new set of songs, Volt 9000 still manage to deliver a heavy-hitting, industrial-tinged music with an undeniable underlying darkness. It's cynical at times ("Skeptology," "Grand Illusions"), and experimental at others ("Review Reverse," "Clockwork"), but an intriguing listen all the way through.
"The album was made with vinyl in mind: we wrote, mixed, and had it mastered for the medium," said Gorski in a statement. "It's a slow burn."
Get the fire started by giving it a digital spin in the player below. Timeshift arrives on translucent blue vinyl on June 9 through Artoffact.