Voices From the Lake

Live at MAXXI

Voices From the LakeLive at MAXXI
Italian techno dreamboats Donato Dozzy and Neel are responsible for some really hypnotic music, chiefly their individual records for the lovely Spectrum Spools imprint (Neel's Phobos is particularly mind-bending). The pair joined forces a few years ago as Voices From the Lake, releasing their debut full-length on the Munich-based Prologue label. Live at MAXXI is the pair's most recent offering, arriving this time courtesy of the Spectrum Spools mother imprint, Editions Mego.
With this album — which was recorded live in Rome during the Open Museum Open City exhibition in 2014 — Dozzy and Neel have distilled the ambient techno genre down until the techno elements are barely perceptible. Decidedly cosmic in origin, the seven tracks unfold in waves of blissful, transcendent somnambulism as the pair leave their physical bodies behind in an effort to drift off to a mysterious sonic dream world inhabited by the likes of Tangerine Dream.
The album closes with a cover of Paolo Conte's "Max," during which nirvana is reached and the duo evolve into kosmische wizards of the highest order. Live at MAXXI is a satisfying sophomore effort from a pair of veteran producers from whom nothing but the best is expected. (Editions Mego)
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