Vladislav Delay Returns with 'Visa' Album

Vladislav Delay Returns with 'Visa' Album
It's been two years since Finnish electronic performer Sasu Ripatti released his last Vladislav Delay album, Kuopio. Rather than repeat himself with another set of dubbed-out house, the artist has gone ambient for his next album.

The album's called Visa, and for good reason — it was created after Ripatti was denied entry into the United States and forced to cancel a tour.

Speaking with Resident Advisor, Ripatti explained that the entire album was recorded in the space where the cancelled tour would have been.

"What was remarkable was the newfound space and time for two weeks with absolutely nothing planned — an empty vacuum and no idea or plan what to do," he said. "It was almost scary in the beginning.... I only recorded the material in that two-week period. Afterwards I still went through the recordings and did some post-production and the final mix, but overall it was one of the records that came out really fast and effortlessly."

A press release describes Visa as an all-analog album that's "designed to be listened to at high volume and in full detail." It marks the first ambient Vladislav Delay album in 10 years.

The artist's own Ripatti imprint will release Visa on November 10. The album's tracklisting is available below, along with a 17-minute medley of music from the album.


1. Visaton
2. Viaton
3. Viisari
4. Vihollinen
5. Viimeinen