Viva Voce The Heat Can Melt Your Brain

Rollicking between lo-fi indie rock and R&B vocal styles, Portland, Oregon’s Kevin and Anita Robinson (aka Viva Voce) create an interesting jumble of ideas that both engage and confuse. Things start off very promising as "Alive with Pleasure” lives up to its song title with an irresistible beat and catchy ever-present handclaps that exude energy. "Business Casual” uses a memorable bass line to anchor this song, and album highlight, and the breathy delivery, psych-guitars and dance-y beats only drive home this delightful indie-rock gem. Things toward the unusual with "High Highs,” as some electro-cuts and beats are introduced, along with slinky harmonies, leaving this oddity being probably one of the few sex songs plunked in the middle of an indie album. Another strange turn comes in "Daylight,” with its big chimes and timpanis in amidst some fuzzy vocals and lazy beat; a slice of uninspiring music amid bursts of creativity. The Heat Can Melt Your Brain showcases Viva Voce’s considerable charm and creativity, but there are enough odd spots to keep this from being in truly heavy rotation. (Minty Fresh)