Vitamin X Full Scale Assault

From a North American perspective, the Dutch have it pretty smooth. The scenery is beautiful, the government is supportive of the arts and the cafés/red light district are available for those in need of a quick fix to whatever ails them. How is it then that these goons tend to devastate with some of the thickest, most brutalizing hardcore this side of NYHC? In the case of Vitamin X, the manic, overbearing blitzkrieg of Full Scale Assault is almost incomprehensible with one solitary listen. Raised on the hyperactivity and succinctness of D.R.I., yet having more in common with the modern frenzy of Trash Talk and Cross Examination, as fronted by Negative Approach's John Brannon, this is almost too much to be contained on one little shiny disc. (Tankcrimes)