Vitalic Returns With 'Rave Age'

Vitalic Returns With 'Rave Age'
It's been three years since French electro whiz Vitalic released his album Flashmob, but that doesn't mean he's put his knob-twiddling fingers to rest indefinitely. Instead, he's been working on a new album.

The new record is called Rave Age and was recorded with engineer Stephane Alf Briat, who has previously worked with Phoenix and Air. There are also guest appearances from Shitdisco's Joe Reeves and Rebeka Warrior of Sexy Sushi.

The album is set to drop on October 22 in Europe via Different Recordings. A North American release date hasn't been announced just yet, but if things go the way they usually do, it will presumably hit our stores the day after on October 23.

Album track "No More Sleep" can be streamed below.

Rave Age:

1. Rave Kids Go
2. Stamina
3. Fade Away
4. Vigipirate
5. Under Your Sun
6. No More Sleep
7. Nexus
8. The March of Skabah
9. Lucky Star
10. La Mort Sur Le Dancefloor
11. Next I'm Ready
12. The Legend of Kaspar Hauser