Vista La Vie A Futuristic Family Film

In a word: sexy. From start to finish, this silky smooth collection of cinematic soundscapes tingles the senses deep down, with guest vocalist Barbara Silverstone setting the tone right away when she gushes "my body has already begun to melt into yours.” Having released a couple of successful EPs on Laurent Garnier’s respected F Communications label, A Futuristic Family Film is the debut album for the French duo of Max and Giles, better known as Vista La Vie. Straying more towards the down-tempo side of jazz than the clean electronics Garnier’s label is known for, this is a remarkable fusion of sounds that massage the senses in a way that only the French can. With a background rooted in classic jazz (Coltrane, Monk and Miles) and matured on techno and IDM, these guys know how to put together lush, cerebral sounds, with Max handling the rhythms and Giles the tunes. And they are not alone. Guest vocalists as varied as Black Sifichi, Ishmael Reed, and even England’s Grand National join in on the fun. The title and bizarre film-themed artwork are definitely appropriate given the consistent and cinematic approach to the songs, although I doubt any film with this as the soundtrack would be considered "family.” The hard work put into recording this material pays off, and this could be one of the finer releases of the genre in a while, even surpassing the sonic achievements of other French duos, and that is saying a lot. (F Communications)