Visionaries Pangaea

While each member of this L.A. underground super-group is involved in diverse musical endeavours outside of Visionaries, together they excel at straight-ahead, old school-influenced hip-hop. Pangaea is up-tempo party music, but the six-man crew are never afraid to "do the things that we have to do / to make the music that makes the people say / we have something to say” ("DoMakeSayThink”). 2Mex, probably the group’s most visible and prolific member, is also the most charismatic, standing out more than any of the others throughout the album. Still, with five rappers (LMNO, KeyKool, Zen and Dannu are the others) you get plenty of styles per song. This is especially true of the epic posse cut "Meeting of the Minds,” which runs through most of the membership of Visionaries and guests Living Legends by skipping back and forth between groups. Each MC gets a unique beat to bless, giving the song a freestyle session mix-tape sound. DJ Melo D’s appearance on the turntablist track "Lacerations” is the only other guest appearance and also makes for an album highlight. The Visionaries’ DJ, Rhettmatic produces some of Pangaea’s best beats with "6 Ring Circus,” "Timeline,” "Lacerations” and an assist on "Meeting of the Minds.” OHNO and Life Rexall also produce two of the album’s best with "Good Things” and "Pangaea,” respectively. Get the party started right. (Up Above)