Virus Nine

Blastin' Away

Virus NineBlastin' Away
Although good at what they do, Virus Nine fail to carve any real identity for themselves on, Blastiní Away. With Rancidís rumbling bass lines and songs and vocals sounding awfully like the US Bombs, itís regrettable that a band that sounds so good canít achieve its own honour. It probably didnít help Virus Nineís overall sound when Duane Peters of the US Bombs produced the album, even if the production is second to none. Hopefully with time the band will grow into its own shoes, but for the time being the 12 songs that serve this recording wonít stand out in the punk rock hall of fame. And "Bound for Glory,Ē a Woody Guthrie cover, "Red Blood MutinyĒ and "Chaotic PaceĒ will remain the true highlights of this session. (A-F)
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