The Virgins The Virgins

There has been plenty of hype surrounding Manhattan-born and bred quartet the Virgins. Enough even to warrant claims that they’re an overrated throwback to the ’80s. Granted, their self-titled debut does scream of their decade of influence. If you really want a blast from the past check out "Teen Lovers.” Not only does the topic at hand make you think of every movie starring Molly Ringwald but the synth-like keyboards, airy-sounding chorus and ever-present bass line also conjure up images of permed hair and geometric patterns. What needs to be noted, though, is that there are enough modern elements thrown into the mix to keep it current while still having a retro feel. "Radio Christine” is a safe bet if you’re looking for a track a little more in the now, even if it does reference an item that we seem to have left in the past in exchange for our beloved iPods. (Atlantic)