Violins Pink Water

Violins, is the new project by former Clyde Federal front-man Michael Lyons. Pink Water is a re-examination of the spirit of ’60s pop brilliance that was produced by bands like the Small Faces and the Kinks. Lyons keeps things relatively simple with a basic four-piece and the occasional organ. "Deify, Defy, Defile” opens the album with galloping drums, a rousing chorus and the admission: "I wear the clothes she left beneath my bed.” Given his Chicago roots, Lyons can’t help but let loose with a little experimentation on the eight-minute "Untitled” closing track that is all whining, spacey guitars and standard drums. Lyons keeps things tight throughout with great melodies and intricate vocals but "Deify,” "Trans,” "Bathwater” and "Sophie and Pierre” stick out as catchy pop-driven numbers when compared to the rest of the tracks. (Klang Elektronik)