Violens Announce Sophomore Album

Violens Announce Sophomore Album
Since 2010's Amoral, New York indie pop unit Violens have moved up in the world, as they've inked a deal with the revered Slumberland Records and, on May 15, will release the sophomore album True.

According to the press sheet, the album finds the trio "[shifting] course toward a more subtle and desaturated sonic landscape." The writing process is said to have been more collaborative this time around (rather than dominated by founder Jorge Elbrecht), and the core members were joined by hired drummer Will Berman.

Influences reportedly include the Chameleons, Cleaners from Venus, Daydream Nation-era Sonic Youth, and Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, plus classic brill building pop and '60s harmony groups. See the 12-song tracklist below and the album art above.

Prior to the LP release, Violens will release the lead track "Totally True" on seven-inch on April 17. Stream that icy, reverb-kissed cut at the bottom of the page.


1. Totally True
2. Der Microarc
3. When to Let Go
4. Sariza Spring
5. Every Melting Degree
6. Lavender Forces
7. Unfolding Black Wings
8. All Night Low
9. Watch the Streams
10. Lucent Caries
11. Through the Window
12. So Hard to See