Vinny Golia Music For Like Instruments; The Flutes

Four flutes! Well if this concept didn’t make you initially want to run and hide, you’re a braver soul than I. What can I say? I listened and was suitably impressed. Live and learn, I guess. Vinnie Golia has been able to generate the ideas necessary to give full play to an instrument that has not been a prime factor in the improvised music continuum. The usage of breath, the popping of the pads that close the holes of the flute and voice in conjunction with playing (as in Rahsaan Kirk and Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull) really open up the possibilities of the instrument. You can hear the sounds of train wheels on the tracks and birds, as well as the play of imaginative musicians with and against strong compositions and arrangements. Flute music for the fearless (Nine Winds)