Vinnie Santino That's Him Officer!

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea who Vinnie Santino is. A perfunctory search on the internet brought up his name in relation to countless bands ranging from garage rock to avant-garde and he's listed on this album as playing guitar, alto and baritone saxophones, piano, bongos, the electronic marimba and it goes on. A versatile musician, Santino brings together a group here that includes members of the Royal Crown Revue, and does honour to the music of cop shows. Opening credits, chase scenes, it has the feel of an episode of Miami Vice. Of course, with members of the Royal Crown Revue involved, the record does have a swing feel running underneath it, especially evidenced in the walking bass lines. Maybe Miami Vice gone West into the swing clubs of Los Angeles. This record is a ton of fun and is peppered throughout with solos from all instruments. It's light music made for sunny days and summer driving. (Pacific Force)