Vine Introduces New Music Features

Vine Introduces New Music Features
Your six-second video loops just got even better, as popular app Vine has introduced new features geared towards music.

It's now possible for users to add songs to their Vines thanks to the Featured Tracks section; we haven't tried this out yet, but Vine's website shows that this includes big-name artists like Beck, David Bowie, Drake and FKA twigs alongside classic acts like Cocteau Twins, the Chills and the Fall.

Songs can be effectively incorporated into videos using the Snap to Beat function, which makes it possible to create seamless music loops that appear to have no beginning or end. And if you turn off Snap to Beat, the audio can be edited, and it's possible to add songs and sounds to specific parts of the video.

Vine is also aiming to become a music discovery app; when users view a video that displays a music note, users can tap on it to see the song and artist information.

Of course, there's a limitation on all these music functions: the service still only allows for six-second videos, meaning that there's a strict time constant on any music that you'll hear through the service. But if six seconds is enough time to get the feel for a song, then Vine ought to work nicely.

This update was launched today (August 28). Learn more about it here.