Vince Clarke Launches His Own Synth Company

Vince Clarke Launches His Own Synth Company
If there's anyone we should trust with synth sounds, it's Vince Clarke. The British performer is something of a synth pop master, having performed with Depeche Mode, Yazoo, the Assembly and, of course, his own band Erasure. While Clarke is still active with making music of his own, he's also busy with a new venture — his own modular synth company.

The company is simply called Clarke, and sees our man teaming up with synth designers Analogue Solutions to release "a series of creative and utilitarian modules."

Clarke dropped some knowledge on his synth company in a new press release. While you might need an audio engineering degree to understand just what the hell he's talking about, here's his quote:

For those who work with synthesizers using CV and gate you will all be aware of the problems of calibration. Having tried many a cumbersome software-based package over the years, I wondered if there might be a neater solution — a kind of all-in-one MIDI-to-CV converter with auto-calibration.

So far, Clarke has released the VCM20 Auto Tune, a master module that's capable of controlling up to 16 slave modules. A video demonstration of the synth is available below.

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