Vin Sol Instinct EP

Vin Sol Instinct EP
Vin Sol makes his debut on Ultramajic with Instinct, a tight and competent EP that should satisfy those looking for no-nonsense house with a healthy sense of tradition. 
Stylistically Sol is working within the same minimalist Chicago house vein with which fans of his will be familiar. He leans heavily on Roland TR-series hardware for drum sounds throughout, and the bass and synth patterns are for the most part straightforward and simple. This is especially true of the title track, which may be just a bit too staid and unremarkable in its desire to pay homage. Things get more interesting on the remaining three tracks (there's also a Matrixxman remix of the title track), at least in terms of production and tone choice, but their dynamics and pacing fall so firmly within the well-worn expectations of the genre that things never quite catch fire. 
There is undeniably a utilitarian charm to Instinct though. Work like this really isn't meant to be heard anywhere other than a cavernous, strobed-out club at four in the morning; complexity and nuance need not necessarily apply. Sol keeps the energy high throughout, his production is clean and precise, and he's clearly not attempting to reinvent the wheel here.
Indeed, he knows exactly which elements to drop and which to retain. While that may drive away those looking to have their minds blown with adventurous, forward-thinking production ideas — those in search of the next big sound within the genre should look elsewhere — there's enough here to keep things moving. (Ultramajic Records)