Village "Stranger Thoughts" / "Stranger Thoughts (The Passenger's Drift Mix)"

Village 'Stranger Thoughts' / 'Stranger Thoughts (The Passenger's Drift Mix)'
Vancouver dream-pop combo Village emerged last year with their debut EP, and now they're back with a new 7-inch for Kingfisher Bluez. To show us what's in store, the "Stranger Thoughts" 7-inch is available to stream ahead of its November 8 release.

The A-side is a atmospheric pop tune that anchors its feathery vocal coos and chiming guitars with a peppy backbeat. On the flip side of the vinyl single is an electro-leaning remix (dubbed a "Drift Mix") of the same tune by fellow Vancouverite the Passenger.

Stream the tracks below.

If you're in Vancouver, Village will celebrate the release of the new 7-inch with a show at They Live Video on Friday (November 8) with the Passenger and Watermelon.