Slow Learners Offshoot ViewMaster Reveal 'Alternative Classics,' Premiere New Video

Slow Learners Offshoot ViewMaster Reveal 'Alternative Classics,' Premiere New Video
Branching out from the slacker punk of Slow Learners, Vancouver's John Johnston is preparing to give us a better look into his ViewMaster.

Along with Johnston, the new project features bassist David Graham and drummer Ben Goldberg of such acts as Bad Fate and Skin Jobs, and the trio are gearing up to release their first physical release, the Alternative Classics tape, via Alarum Records on August 19.

Said to be influence by everything from Sonic Youth, the Wipers, Silkworm and Mission of Burma to dystopian imagery of sci-fi literary hero William Gibson, the release promises music built from "imaginative sonics."

Via a press release, the band also state this about the upcoming record:

The recording offers an often moody assortment of songs about the irrationality of existence, technology and ghosts. On Alternative Classics, the trio bring forth moments of tension, melody and cacophonous din — weaving a layered sound through a wide sonic palette pushed forward by a motoric pulse infringing upon danceable rhythms.

For a taste of what's in store, ViewMaster have shared the teaser track "Bridge and Tunnel," which comes via a new music video. As you'll hear, the song tones down the punk grit of Slow Learners for heavier though just as melodic atmospheres, turning their sights ever skyward as they venture into more post-rock realms of sound.

The psych-swirling video itself was shot by Eirinn McHattie, and you can watch it play out below, where you'll also find the audio-only version of "Bridge and Tunnel."

Alternative Classics was produced, mixed and mastered by Tom Prilesky (Supermoon, Hermetic, Sightlines, Bad Fate) throughout December 2016 to March 2017, and it follows the group's 2016 digital EP Demonstration.

ViewMaster will also be playing a tape release show on August 19 at Vancouver's SBC with Slow Learners, Shrouded Amps and Be Afraid. You can get more details on the show here.

For now, though, check out "Bridge and Tunnel" below. You can also pre-order Alternative Classics over here.

Alternative Classics:

1. Bridge And Tunnel

2. Wraith

3. Caved In

4. Bonding Over Nothing

5. Self Preservation

6. Resigned And Aligned