Viet Cong "Bunker Buster" (rough mix)

Viet Cong 'Bunker Buster' (rough mix)
Calgary's Viet Cong, who feature two ex-members from Women and two other mainstays from the city's independent music scene, recently signed with local imprint Flemish Eye for their next release. Details have yet to emerge, but they have shared a rough mix of new song "Bunker Buster."

Fans of Women will take solace in the song's tense rhythm section and creative guitar work, but Viet Cong have carved out their own sound, making music that's at once more intense and more melodic than their previous work.

Check out "Bunker Buster" below. The song was recorded at the Barn with Graham Walsh, though this isn't the final mix.

Stay tuned for more details about Viet Cong's new release.