vidnaObmana Tremor

Sonically humid and airy (you can taste and feel it), vidnaObmana's tribally ambient and ancient music masterpiece inspired by Dante's Inferno sounds and feels similar to the countless tales of near-death experiences that have been documented throughout time. His forte is that his work is never up-front and demanding - it does not occupy every decibel of volume available on a compact disc - and the mix leaves a wide open space that leaves the listener an opportunity to fill in their own experiences. The electronic-natural acoustic hybrid approach is wonderfully ironic as well. What seems like plugged sounds are aged and utterly human, and what is done by human-made instruments operate like custom pieces of electronic gear. Even the deepest and darkest areas of Africa do not convey the images that Tremor paints. It goes a mile further at a pace where one must keep jogging to always stay ahead of possible demonic possession. Once it reaches its target, that being the soul, it will frighten yet permanently imbue one's life essence with a permanent resilience. (Relapse)