Victoria's Slam Dunk Release New Album as Free Download

Victoria's Slam Dunk Release New Album as Free Download
Victoria, BC-based rockers Slam Dunk have earned themselves a devoted following on Canada's West Coast, playing frequent shows and releasing a seven-inch through Old Life Records. Now, the group have unveiled a new album called The Shivers, which is available online and will get an official release in March.

The ten-song LP is currently being is offered as a free download from Slam Dunk's Bandcamp page. Eight of the tracks come from the group's previous Old Life release, which was sold as a double EP containing a seven-inch, along with additional digital tracks. Two of the songs are brand new: "Ratcatcher" and "Shivers."

The Bandcamp page describes the album as "fast-n-fun" and says that it will be coming out on March 3, with the upbeat, garage-y collection being recorded in a barn. The label releasing the record has not been announced, but it's likely that Old Life will be involved, given that the imprint has released so many of these songs already.

While the album is currently free, the group's MySpace page says that it's "soon to be not," so don't waste any time in heading to Bandcamp to download it. The tracklist is below.

The Shivers:

1. "Only Fun"
2. "Bleacher Lovin'"
3. "Slowdance"
4. "Feral Child"
5. "Bearcub"
6. "Viva Slam Dunkus"
7. "Ratcatcher"
8. "The Beach"
9. "Do the Slam Dunk"
10. "Shivers"