Vice Screens Heavy Metal In Baghdad Sequel Online

<i>Vice</i> Screens <i>Heavy Metal In Baghdad</i> Sequel Online
In 2007, Vice Magazine brought us the documentary Heavy Metal In Baghdad, an amazing account of Acrassicauda struggling to perform their beloved music in a Muslim country torn apart by insurgency. Throughout the film, we witnessed the band's four young men deal with the impact of giving their souls to rock'n'roll and their monumental trials and tribulations involved with endeavours such as rehearsing, gigging and more. Eventually, in order to remain intact, Acrassicauda were forced to flee from their native land, seeking refugee status elsewhere and having little to show for it other than a few gigs. It truly is heart-wrenching for metalheads and normies alike.

However, as with all great things, Heavy Metal In Baghdad had to end somewhere. We were left wondering: what happened to Acrassicauda? Thanks to the insight and care of Vice co-founder Suroosh Alvi, Ed Moretti and producer Spike Jonze, Vice has been able to finish a follow-up opus, Heavy Metal In Istanbul, which continues the saga as the band live as refugees in Turkey while still chasing the metallic dream.

Even better is we can watch it for free. For the rest of this week, March 23 to 29, Vice's online television network will be airing both of the documentaries in their entirety. Check them out, because despite the debatable value of their print journalism over the years, Vice really nails this one to the wall.

Heavy Metal in Istanbul

Heavy Metal in Baghdad