Vesuvio Solo


Vesuvio SoloFavors
Much can and should be said for albums that are able to lift your spirits, and Vesuvio Solo's debut album Favors' pleasantness cannot be overstated. The new project from former TOPS bassist Thom Gillies and his childhood friend Cameron MacLean almost plays like a movie straight from the '80s, with album opener "Favors II" acting like its opening credits, "Boy Blue" as the dénouement and "18th Parallel" as the closing credits.

And while TOPS and Vesuvio Solo are cut from the same cloth, with inevitable comparisons to be made between both their breezy sound and similar influences, Favors still manages to distinguish itself with the ease of its execution; nothing feels forced, with each song seamlessly blending into the next, yet still maintaining a sense of distinctiveness. This is another solid release from new Montreal-based record label Banko Gotiti, home of acts such as Pat Jordache and Noni Wo, who've quickly carved a name for themselves since their launch in September, and who clearly have a bright future ahead with such a strong roster. (Banko Gotiti Records)
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