Vessel Order of Noise

VesselOrder of Noise
Sometimes it's all about the approach. On Order of Noise, the debut album from Sebastian Gainsborough (aka Vessel), vocals, samples and soundscapes are all treated as equals, resulting in a slurry of sound that remarkably works both as a mixtape comedown and as a salient whole. Flat-out refusing to move in a singular direction, much of Order of Noise is held together by Gainsborough's dark haze of layering and a molasses pace. To say that the burnt kaleidoscope rhythms and faded life-support beats of "Images of Bodies" act as the album's most playful moments says a lot about this 22-year old's staunch musical vision. On "Court of Lions," a slightly off-kilter drum crackle battles the confident Afro-Beat until Vessel conjures a moaning synth bed, seemingly pulling the alien and domestic under gleaming covers of sound, working as a great metaphor, in itself, for Order of Noise's McLuhan-esque M.O. (Tri Angle)