Vertrek Ensemble with Derek Bailey Departures

Guest musicians, as a rule, should complement the style and creative process of their hosts. Guitarist Derek Bailey will give you something new every single time. He has also, throughout his career, made a point of collaborating with a huge number of musicians, both famous and obscure, always with great energy and sensitivity, making him a good guest. The Vertrek Ensemble and Derek Bailey are a good match. Bailey's jagged guitar non-sequiturs match perfectly with skittering percussion, trumpet wheeziness and more guitars. Rhythmically, there is a strong Han Bennink vibe in Ron DeJong's swing, and he does swing, as in the mallet work of "The Steeples..." Vadim Budman's cornet playing in "More Nights" fits just perfectly around Bailey's frenzied guitar. Considering how fractured and "out" everyone is playing, Departures doesn't destroy one's brain after an hour. This is partly because the recording is beautiful - no tricks, just great balance and separation of all the elements, making it possible to concentrate without strain all the way through. (Volatile)