Versus the Mirror Home

For anyone who remembers those wonderful mid-’90s punk punkers Pollen, the recent turn of drummer/songwriter Bob Hoag towards producing angst-laden screamo may be quite the puzzler. With Versus the Mirror, Hoag has produced a debut full-length (tracked in analogue but sounding more like Pro Tools) that sounds a lot more generic than it probably should, given the talents of everyone involved. There is no doubting the musical ability of the five gentlemen who compose the band, and Hoag’s involvement lends even more credence to their efforts. Yet Home, for the most part, comes across as little more than another exercise in boring post-hardcore built for distribution on MySpace, lacking that unique spark required for bands in such an over-saturated genre to really make a mark. This band will probably tour like crazy, sell a bunch of t-shirts, and come home with some great stories, but that won’t save Home from its destination as yet another forgettable album with a whole lot of screaming on it. (Equal Vision)